Life is a journey.  Along the paths we travel during our journey, we experience and learn many things.  So it has been with me.  

As a teen, I was enthralled with my dad's film slr camera.  I loved taking photos with it. However, as a young person, just beginning my journey, there were other things that took priority over a personal interest.  Photography became a hobby and a "bucket list" item to be pursued later.  

The early years of my journey were spent  in customer service based positions in the retail and corporate world.  After the birth of our daughter, I wanted a career not just a job.  I returned to academia to pursue a degree in Education.  The result was a dual Bachelor's degree in Elementary and Special Education with the goal of being an elementary school teacher after graduation.  I taught for a short time but soon my education would be used to care for, educate, and advocate for our two children with special needs.  


How does all of this tie into photography, you ask?  Good question. 


Caring and advocating for our children full time make it not possible for me to return to teaching in the classroom.  However, a return to a prior interest that allows me to have flexible working hours is totally possible.  And it allows me to do something I love- Photography!


All of my life's experiences shape and define how I approach my photography,  my philosophy on how to conduct business, and how to interact and connect with clients on a more personal level.  

As a professional photographer, my goals are to provide my clients with beautiful images to document captured moments along their journey and to do so in a relaxed, friendly, atmosphere- to share an experience and make a memory instead of having a "photo session."